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How to Give Your Planters a Makeover With These Creative Ideas

So, you’ve got a few planters that you use to grow your favorite plants. But you’re looking for a way to spice them up a bit. 

Check out these creative ideas for giving your planters a makeover. 

Painted Planters

– If you’re unsure where to start, we’ve covered you. Try these Ideas:

  • Paint them in different colors to create a rainbow effect.
  • Paint them in complementary colors to create a bold and eye-catching look.
  • Paint them with a geometric pattern for a modern feel.
  • Paint them in a whimsical pattern for a fun and whimsical look.

Decoupage Planters

Decoupage is layering paper on top of an object to create a design. And it’s surprisingly easy to do. All you need is some mod podge, your favorite paper, and a brush.

This process is achieved by brushings layers of mod podge onto the planter and sticking your papers.  Let it dry, and then repeat until you’re happy with the results.

Washi Tape Planters

Wash tape is awesome when adding some color and personality to your planters. Not only is it super affordable, but it’s also pretty easy to use. Just wrap the tape around your planters in any design you like, and voila! You’ve got a brand-new look.

Stenciled Planters

You can use any stencil or get creative and make your own. Just make sure the design is big enough to be seen from a distance, and avoid anything too complicated since you’ll need to be able to paint it easily.

These are great ideas, and you can try any of them today.