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DIY Making of Vape Juice as a Beginner

Many vapers have turned to DIY vape products, including juices. They are inexpensive and allow users to be creative. Even though there are many types of cheap vape juices on the market, a homemade one can be a better choice since it lets you make vape juice that satisfies all your vaping needs. With that said, the following is a guide that will help you when creating homemade vape juice.

Making vape juice will depend on preferences like flavors, nicotine-free blends, or nicotine concentrates. Bargain E Juice recommends the following procedure to make vape juice:

  • Purchase PG and VG (100ml each) from an online DIY vape store.
  • Next, ensure you also include 50ml plastic bottles, plastic pipettes, and DIY vape juice flavors in your purchase.
  • You can then use your plastic pipettes to add around 10-20 drops of the flavor into the 50ml bottles.
  • After that, you can go ahead and blend in the PG and VG. But remember to first add the PG up to the middle of the bottle before adding VG.
  • Shake the mixture then leave for some hours until the bubbles set.
  • Lastly, you can test the homemade vape juice and modify the taste if necessary.

Mixing your DIY Vape Juice

You can use these two different methods when mixing your e-juice.

By Volume

Usually, numerous beginners opt for this method since every ingredient is calculated using volume, thereby making it simpler for them to comprehend the numbers.

But, since it does not use a scale to weigh ingredients, this method is sometimes less accurate. It also demands the use of more instruments, such as syringes, which require extra cleaning afterward.

However, using calculators can allow you to calculate percentages into ml as well as the precise amount of nicotine.

By Weight

This method is completely different from mixing by volume since it measures the ingredients using a scale. It is more complicated but you can take advantage of vape juice calculators since they can process appropriate numbers and values.

What Is Required When Making DIY Vape Juice

Base liquid

This will include Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG), which are mixed prior with ratios of 50/50 or 70/30. However, you can still control the final ratio of your vape juice by purchasing 1 liter of VG and 500ml PG.


For flavors, you can either purchase store-bought flavorin or make homemade ones. Remember that using flavors will be based on how you want the end product to taste. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to opt for the top-rated recipes.


If you prefer nicotine-free vape juice, then this ingredient is optional for you. But if you are going to use nicotine, ensure that you check the appropriate concentration. For instance, 100ml of nicotine bottles with a concentration of 36-48mg/ml is ideal for starters.

Other pieces of equipment you need include gloves, labels, e-juice and storage bottles, syringes for mixing using volume, or a scale for mixing using weight.


After making your DIY vape juice, you should always ensure that you label your mixtures, steep the ingredients according to the recommended time, and then test your vape juice for quality before storing away from heat, oxygen, or sunlight.