Month: July 2022

Design Inspirations

How to Use Yellow to Create a Sunny and Welcoming Kitchen

Are you looking for ideas to add color to your kitchen? Yellow is a great option! It’s cheerful and happy and can brighten up a space. Plus, yellow goes well with many different colors, so it’s easy to mix and match with your current decor.
Whatever route you choose, ensure that the other colors in your kitchen work well with yellow. Here are great ideas on how to go yellow.
Go for a Yellow and White Color Scheme
For starters, yellow is a very bold color, so you’ll want to use it in …

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Five Creative Ways to Store Fruit at Home

There are different creative ways to store fruit at home that will help keep them fresh much longer. In fact, some of these methods can also help your kitchen look more beautiful.
We’ll show you five creative ways to store fruit at home to save you time and money.
Mason Jars
Mason jars not only look cute on your countertop, but they also keep your fruit fresh.
Here are some guidelines on how to use mason jars to store fruit:

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Design Inspirations

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Cabinet Paint Over Ideas

Painting kitchen cabinets should not be a complicated job, but it should not be handled lightly. It’s a lot to choose the proper finish and commit to change, especially if you’re not a DIY aficionado.
There are calm rooms that demonstrate the need for elevated minimalism, as well as more vivid interiors that may seduce even those who are color-averse. These refinished kitchen cabinet before-and-afters will give you the push you need to get started.
1. A Nautical Kitchen with an Artistic Twist

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